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E. Jerome Pullen Biography

Artistry and performance excellence have been Edward Jerome (EJ) Pullen's trademarks since childhood, when he quickly established himself as one of Memphis' premier young R&B stars as an 11-year-old in local talent shows. Though he hails from the streets of Parkway Village, where he encountered some rocky paths along the way; Pullen grew up in a solid family under the loving guidance and leadership of Mary Pullen Bright and Robert Bright. His ability was such he was soon embraced by the city's top talents, who took him under their wing. Most notable among them was the late, great Willie Mitchell, whose incredible resume includes a host of immortal albums produced for the legendary Rev. Al Green.

Pullen presented shows featuring such Memphis music greats as the Bar-Kays, the Mad Lads, Toni Greene, J. Blackfoot, and special guests like Outkast. He would simultaneously open these shows with his band the Pullen Project, thus building a base for both them and his singular sound.

They became successful, with a huge overseas audience in Europe, Japan, Australia and South Africa. At the same time they were making inroads throughout the South. They steadily built their popularity in cities like Clarksdale, Biloxi, Jackson, Atlanta, Memphis, and Little Rock. Eventually the Pullen Project extended its reach to Midwestern sites like Detroit, Chicago and Kansas City, and later into the Southwest (Dallas) and Pacific Northwest (Seattle). EJ Pullen seemed destined for greatness.

He's very active in the community, and has formed a partnership with a local non-profit organization that mentors and works with young men on positive ways to succeed in society. Pullen's also a big education advocate.

EJ Pullen's future looks bright. His career has bloomed and is now finally flourishing. His single "Make Me Say "Oh" was officially released December 7, 2017; followed by a video which was filmed in Atlanta GA. Producer & Director: Al G. Sillah @directoralg and DP/Editor: Cotton Films @cottonfilms. “Make Me Say Oh” E.J. Pullen’s single release has made it to the radio airwaves and radio personalities are giving the single rave reviews.